ERP & Invoicing Software

  • Managing Large Enterprises Made Simple

    Managing a large entreprise means being able to access information promptly, with ease and whenever necessary. We offer a modular solution that meets your needs without exausting your financial resources.

    LEAN logo rgb bullet Operations management;
    LEAN logo rgb bullet Financial, tax and legal compliance;
    LEAN logo rgb bullet Human resources management.

    The Primavera Executive suite will meet your procedural needs while giving you a grasp of your economical and financial performance.

  • Solutions That Fit Your Needs

    Small and medium entreprises face many challenges and need a software that supports their operational processes and gives feedbak on financial and economical performance.
    We offer an array of solutions designed to fit the needs of entreprises operating in any number of areas.

    LEAN logo rgb bullet Invoicing;
    LEAN logo rgb bullet Accounts receivable/payable;
    LEAN logo rgb bullet Inventory;
    LEAN logo rgb bullet Tax and legal compliance.

  • Invoicing Made Simple

    Micro entreprises need solutions that make their everyday easier. We offer solutions both on premisses and on the Cloud that will allow for simple invoicing and full tax and legal compliance.

    LEAN logo rgb bullet Invoicing;
    LEAN logo rgb bullet Tax and legal compliance.

  • One-Touch Invoicing

    Retail and Point of Sale businesses have the need for very simple and fast invoicing, transparent interface and very low learning curves on software functionallity. We offer solutions the meet these needs without disregarding management and control requirements.

    LEAN logo rgb bullet Touchscreen interface;
    LEAN logo rgb bullet One-touch invoicing;
    LEAN logo rgb bullet In-depth sales analisys.

    Our solutions are ideal for restaurants, coffeshops, supermarkets, wellness centers, shoestores and other Retail and POS activities.

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