Solutions for Startups

According to a study carried out by the GEM – Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, entrepreneurship in Portugal has not feel dut to the country's economic crisis: 7,7% portuguese adults are currently invloved in. The reasons behind entrepreneurship are opportunity, necessity and a mix of the two. Also remarkable is the Portuguese society's positive attitude growth towards entrepreneurship.

In our opinion, these conslusions may also mean something eles: facing difficulties and economic crisis, many are the portuguese who choose to create solutions and refuse to give up when facing adversity.

To undertake a startup project is a tremendous challenge and to sustain it is an even greater one. It is about living, breathing and eating the business, strict treasury management and finding the solutions with the best quality/price relationship which do not force a risky capital expenditure and that can provide the company with the tools it needs to market, manage and expand its business in the most efficient way possible.


We want to help and for that reason we have develop an array of solutions exclusive to startups, design to be affordable and to boost the startup's growth. Get to know them. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .